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“The Traveller” A person who often travels. A gypsy or other nomadic person. A person who holds new age values and leads an itinerant and unconventional lifestyle.

Our Story

RAAHI elicits wanderlust translating literally to “traveler” – a kicking off of the shoes, disconnecting from the daily and setting off into the sunset. Often an inconspicuous companion, the scarf is your companion on your journeys. It is your sarong for the sands or your muffler for the mountains. It molds itself into what is asked of it: a shield, a protest, a symbol of self-expression.

RAAHI scarves woven in pure silk, cotton and wool, allows you to embrace your inner wayfarer. With the limited edition collection, you will reminisce about faraway museums and make your scarf – a work of wearable art.

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contrast borders

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digital prints

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mixed mediums

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jacquard wool

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limited edition

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“I was not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land”

– Seneca