The Little RAAHIs Art & Music Enrichment Program

Pablo Picasso says “every child is an artist”. Sadly, not every child is given the opportunity to pursue this gift. We at RAAHI are on a mission to spread the joy of art and music to those who don’t have the opportunity. We hope to provide a platform for budding artists to find their voice and fuel their aspirations.

We endeavor to empower children by providing them with an outlet for emotional expression and allowing them to become more self-aware building their confidence and tempering disruptive behavior.

RAAHI is proud to support the Saint Catherine of Sienna Orphanage and School. Formed in 1957, the Orphanage began with the objective of educating destitute children irrespective of caste, creed and community. They achieved this by providing the children with basic education and a healthy home atmosphere, guiding them towards understanding the need for healthy living and securing a place for them among society. RAAHI donates 10% of its proceeds towards art and music enrichment programs.

We also welcome any additional donations or sponsorship, which can be made directly to the Orphanage.

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